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***"The Euclid Beach Boys Event Center and Museum" will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1p to 7p and Sundays from 12p to 4p.  Be sure to reserve your favorite car.....the Rocket Ship Car or Thriller Car for your special occasion in 2015.  Birthdays, Weddings, Proms, Block Parties, Festivals, and more....See our "Special Announcements Section" below for more details!***      

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Welcome to the website for our Rocket Ship Car®. Rocket Ship Car in Clearwater.This site will be dedicated to the history of the ride from Euclid Beach Park® known as the "Rocket Ships"®. The "Rocket Ships" as they appeared at Euclid Beach Park.We would like to thank all of the support we have had from our families, close friends, past employees, and our customers. Through this site, and it's sister site, www.theeuclidbeachboys.com, we will continually keep everyone updated with some of the new and exciting things we have been up to with our Rocket Ship Car®, over the past few months!

The new venture in Florida Largo parade participants...Largo's city council & Mayor. has taken flight fairly well. Many people down south have relocated here from Cleveland, and there is a lot of "product recognition" with many of the residents in the sunshine state. For us it is all about making people smile...just the way Euclid Beach Park® did for so many generations in Cleveland. For more history on that park be sure to visit the following websites:Lite up at the Lube! www.theeuclidbeachboys.com, www.humphreycompany.com, and www.euclidbeach.com. Thanks for visiting our site, and have an "Amusing day"!

Sincerely, "The Euclid Beach Boys""The Euclid beach Boys"





Hours of Operation to the Public:

 "The Euclid Beach Boys Event Center and Museum"® 

 Hi everyone! Well, our new "Event Center & Museum" is now open weekly Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1p to 7p and on Sundays from 12p to 4p. We are located at 156 Euclid Square Mall Dr., Euclid Ohio 44132. The mall opens daily at 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. Keep in mind we are open only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1p to 7p and on Sundays 12p to 4p. We are not open the same hours as the mall. You may enter the mall through either North Center or the South Center entrances and proceed to the center court area (straight ahead) and look for the signs directing you from there. Admission is only $5.25! We hope to see you there! 

Click on the facebook logo below to travel to our newest endeavor done only the way "The Euclid Beach Boys"® can do it!!!

Facebook Posting Trips Up


"The Euclid Beach Boys"®

Talk series schedule:






Thursday, July 9th. 7p to 8p Carousels @ Euclid Beach Park "The Euclid Beach Boys Event Center and Museum"® John Frato
Thursday, July 30th. 7p to 8p Memories of EBP White Glove Event "The Euclid Beach Boys Event Center and Museum"® John Frato
Wednesday, August 19th. 7p to 8p The Behind the Scene Story of "The Euclid Beach Boys" (Totally unscripted!) "The Euclid Beach Boys Event Center and Museum"® John Frato & Joe Tomaro
Thursday, September 10th. 7p to 8p History of Geauga Lake Park® "The Euclid Beach Boys Event Center and Museum"® John Frato
Wednesday, September 30th. 7p to 8p "To Be Determined "The Euclid Beach Boys Event Center and Museum"® John Frato

Admission: $10.50 includes a serving of Euclid Beach Park's "Original" Frozen Whip!®

Only a limited number of tickets are available for each of the above talks.  It is best to purchase tickets in advance.



***The 2015 Spring/Summer Schedule for Cleveland has been posted***

The Calendar Page has been update with the car's 2015 Cleveland Schedule.  The reservations for Cleveland have been coming in much earlier than usual and the summer dates are filling quickly!  Great for us, but it could be bad for customers that wait until the last minute to reserve their favorite car for that special event.  Deposits are never required so do not delay book the car today!  "Click here for a quick link to the "Calendar Page"  for the up to date Cleveland Schedule, or email your questions to  rocketshipcar@aol.com, or call 440-460-0565.

"The Euclid Beach Boys"®


*Major Announcements*

***Note new changes have come to the Charity Rides for WMJI's Jimmy Malone's College Now kids for the summer of 2015!*** 

"The Euclid Beach Boys"® have teamed up with Legacy Village in Lyndhurst, and University Circle Inc. "Wade Oval Wednesdays" on select dates to help raise needed funds for deserving students. This is in conjunction with Majic's (WMJI) Jimmy Malone and the "College Now Greater Cleveland"  scholarship program (formerly known as The Cleveland Scholarship Program). For more info on "College Now Greater Cleveland" visit their website at: www.collegenowgc.org, or Jimmy Malone's site at: www.jimmymalone.com. For just a small donation of $3.00 per person you can ride one of these awesome cars, built by "The Euclid Beach Boys"®. 100% of the Legacy Village donations raised goes directly to "College Now Greater Cleveland"  scholarship program, and 100% of the the "Wade Oval Wow" donations are split 50/50 between "College Now Greater Cleveland", and University Circles high school programs.

We want to thank everyone that came out in 2012 to the Mitchell's Ice Cream locations and rode our cars.  Your $3.00 per person donation helped us raise over $3800.00 in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Thanks to everyone that rode and supported us at Legacy Village, and Wade Oval together we raised over $1000.00 which now brings our total up to and over $6000.00!!! 

Below is the summer schedule for 2015.  Come out and join us, "The Euclid Beach Boys"® along with Jimmy Malone, at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst, and on "Wade Oval Wednesdays" on Wade Oval in University Circle to help raise money for these deserving young adults. Thank you for supporting this worthwhile cause!

Joe & John

 " The Euclid Beach Boys"®


    Schedule for Donation Rides 2015@ Legacy Village, & University Circles "Wade Oval Wednesdays". Weather Permitting.





Loading Location

June 10

Rocket Ship Car®

Legacy Village  

(weather permitting)

6:30p to 8:30p

Legacy Village below the Melting Pot

June 17

Rocket Ship Car®

 Wade Oval Wed.  

(weather permitting)

6p to 8:30p

Wade Oval in front of the Botanical Gardens

June 24

Thriller Car®

 Legacy Village  

(weather permitting)

6:30p to 8:30p

Legacy Village below the Melting Pot

July 1

Thriller Car®

  Wade Oval Wed.

(weather permitting)

6p to 8:30p

Wade Oval in front of the Botanical Gardens

July 8

Rocket Ship Car®

     Legacy Village

(weather permitting)

6:30p to 8:30p

Legacy Village below the Melting Pot

July 15

Thriller Car®

 Wade Oval Wed.  

(weather permitting)

6p to 8:30p

Wade Oval in front of the Botanical Gardens

July 22

Thriller Car®

 Legacy Village  

(weather permitting)

6:30p to 8:30p

Legacy Village below the Melting Pot

July 29

Rocket Ship Car®

 Wade Oval Wed.  

(weather permitting)

6p to 8:30p

Wade Oval in front of the Botanical Gardens








Rocket Ship Car® will returned to the Clearwater Beach/St. Petersburg/St. Pete Beach Florida for the Fall/Winter of 2015/2016!

Our Rocket Ship Car® will return to Clearwater Beach/St. Petersburg/St. Pete Beach Florida, from Cleveland Ohio, for the 2015/2016 Fall/Winter season by October 27th!  It is never to early to reserve the car for your special event...Holiday Light Rides, Birthdays, Weddings, Festivals, Block Party's, Reunions, etc., call 727-216-3770 now to reserve the "Rocket Ship Car"® , or email us at rocketshipcar@aol.com, for more information on available dates and times.  We never require a deposit, and remember....

"If it's not "The Euclid Beach Boys"®  "Rocket Ship Car"®


"It's just another convertible"!

"The Happiest Ride On Earth!"


**For Our Florida Customers Only **

***Holiday Light Rides ***

Dec. 2015

Even though it is late winter here in Florida, our December Holiday Light Rides"  are thrilling our customers immensely!  Remember that we only have a limited time to do these tours so don't let a little winter chill stop you and your group from enjoying what is becoming a "Holiday Tradition" for many area residents.  We are taking reservations for the winter of 2015 "Holiday Light Rides"  starting December in and around the Largo Florida area.  With a 360° view of the displays it's a great way to view some of the huge outdoor decorations from the Rocket Ship Car®.  Complete with upbeat holiday music!  It is the only way to experience the holidays!  So grab the kids, friends and family members and don't delay book your Holiday Light Ride"  today!  Do to the increased demand of these awesome rides the first group departs at 6:30 pm, _A second ride has been added with a 9:00 pm start. There are  6:30p to 8:45p time and dates available along with , 9p to 11p time and dates available.  Click here to travel directly to the Calendar Page for exact dates and times still remaining. (Capacity up to 10 average sized adults riders).  Call, 727-216-3770, for more information.





For the "2015/2016" season is our 1/2 hour sunset ride around Clearwater Beach for only $125.00!  So grab 10 of your friends or family and enjoy a great view of the sunset while sitting high above the road in the ."Rocket Ship Car"®.  It is the best view on the beach riding in a car.  Call,727-216-3770, now to reserve your ride.  Times vary due to the setting sun! (Pickup available anywhere on Clearwater Beach).


Hey everyone check out the Rocket Ship Car® on the new hit TV program on ABC "The List!"

On ABC weekdays from 7p to 7:30p.



"Wine Tasting"

On this all inclusive "Wine Tasting" package you will climb aboard our Rocket Ship Car themed car and travel in style as your driver takes a path back in time to unique destinations in and around the Clearwater and Tampa area.  What adult, wouldn't want to ride in a real rocket ship to.......

"The World is Our Vineyard"

Since 2003, Aspirations Winery has been supplying custom label wine, serving our restaurant and hotel clients, retailers and markets, corporations and individuals.  We have expanded our selection of classic wines in response to feedback from some of our customers.

Click here for a quick link to our Florida "Ride & Dine"® packages!


Where to stay & things to do on Clearwater Beach!

(Including keeping your vehicle well maintained).

There are many things to do while visiting beautiful Clearwater Beach.  Of course the #1 thing to do is to ride our Rocket Ship Car!  Here is a listing of other great "To Do's" while you are here.  Click on the links below for more details. 

Here is a tip to avoid the parking problems you may encounter...rent the Rocket Ship Car for door to door service! 

Spend a day on the beach, or just a couple hours for lunch, dinner, or a beautiful sunset ride.  Email or call us for details: rocketshipcar@aol.com, or 727-216-3770.




Crabby's Beach Walk Bar & Grill: Great food,  (Best sunset view on the beach) Serves B/L/D www.crabbybills.com

Crabby Bills: Located at Clearwater Beach Marina.  Serves L/D www.crabbybills.com  

The Original Crabby Bills: Located at Indian Rocks Beach  Serves B/L/D www.crabbybills.com




Seabreeze Island Grill & Raw Bar: Serves Dinner 4p to 11p www.seabreezeislandgrill.com

Seabreeze welcomes you to come enjoy an evening of island infused cuisine waterfront. Their friendly and attentive staff is eager to serve you up some hospitality, island style. After diving into our extensive drink menu that will make you want to stick your feet in the sand, indulge yourself in our chef’s culinary creations. Cap your evening off by pleasing your taste buds with one of our fifteen dessert selections and an espresso. Come spend an evening and feel the breeze.





Palm Pavilion Inn & Beachside Grill & Bar "Where the locals hang out"!: www.palmpavilioninn.com


Fun Things to do:


Auto Repair/towing:

Rick Stroud Auto Service

You may wonder why I have this on my site, but it is a fact of life that everything man made needs to be properly maintained, and that is where Rick's auto repair shop comes into play.  Before John and I got fully involved as The Euclid Beach Boys® and building our cars we were in the automotive repair and towing business for over 25 years.  So we know a great repair shop when we see one, and besides we would not let just anyone work on the Rocket Ship Car®....after all your life, and your child's life depends on us, and that is why we depend on Rick to help keep the Rocket Ship Car® on the straight & narrow here in Florida.   Thanks Rick!  Click here for the Wheel Alignment Shop to see the Rocket Ship Car® getting set straight!


Thank You Veterans


In honor of  all Veterans  I have posted a link to a photo of our


I also want to thank all of the men and women along with their families for what they have sacrificed personally, for all of us here, in their dedication to protect and serve for this great country we live in. I also want to send out a "Thank You" to all of the service men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice....their lives....to make sure our freedom is protected.  Please keep them all in your thoughts not only on Veterans Day, but everyday of the year. 

Sincerely, Joe Tomaro  Jr.

And especially to Joe Tomaro Sr. who served with Navy Seabees in WWII.  with the 4th Special Battalion attached to the 1st Marine Division landing on, and taking control of, Guadalcanal in the south pacific.  "Thanks Dad" 


Laughing Sal's® New Voice!


Why are Joe, Sal & John all smiles?  Well let us tell you why!  Our gracious thanks go out to Charles, Sue and John at RACOM PRODUCTS  for re-voicing our Euclid Beach Laughing Sal with their Digital audio announcers.  These fine fans of Euclid Beach Park donated their time, skills and equipment to the lady of the park to update her  infectious laugh!  RACOM PRODUCTS is located right here in Cleveland on W. Schaaf Rd.  Visit their web site at www.racominc.com.  We are truly blessed to have them so close to home. 

The Euclid Beach Boys®, and Laughing Sal® will be forever grateful to them for doing this so that everyone that has in the past, and those in the future will now be able to enjoy her infectious laugh for many years to come!  



Bi-Coastal Boobies, St. Petersburg,

Susan G. Koman Walk, Oct. 2012

 "Walker's" Photo Op in the Rocket Ship Car             Bi-Coastal Boobies Cheering Section            McD's Drive thru for an after walk lunch.

Photo's from last weekends Susan G. Koman walk in the St. Pete Beach and St. Petersburg sent in by the "Bi-Costal Boobies!"



Help us support Geauga Lake Park®

Our collection of Geauga Lake memorabilia is quite considerable, and we are excited to be bringing these things out for public viewing soon!  We  are happy to support the newest venture of Geauga Lake Park® supporters website so be sure to visit them at www.northohioclassicparks.com for more information on future events that we, "The Euclid Beach Boys"® will be a part of!

Thanks again, for supporting us in our effort to preserve the memories of these old amusement parks, and have an amusing day!


Joe & John                                                                                    "The Euclid Beach Boys"®


New Video of Our Rocket Ship Car® on Youtube!


Check out the latest video on You Tube of our Rocket Ship Car® as seen by our fans....... :

This video is of the Rocket Ship Car at the St. Petersburg night parade as part of the St. Petersburg "Parade of the States" kickoff to the Grand Prix Race 2012.  The car took two top awards.  See the following quotes submitted by parade officials.  Fast forward in the video to the 4:07 sec spot to view the car. March 2012.

I got this email Monday from the Suncoasters about the awards for our Rocket Ship parade entry. I didn't think for a second that they would award us both awards, just out of being fair, since there were 2 other neighborhood entries in the parade.
I put your contact info in the email I sent out to all my contacts and I think I sent you a copy of what I sent. I'll try to send more pictures soon.
Thanks again,


Joe Tomaro is the owner of the rocket ship car  and he says the rocket body originally was a ride at a Euclid Beach amusement park. He's in FL through April 23rd, available for rentals, and can be reached at 216-3770 or at www.rocketshipcar.com.
Prez Dave "Flash Gordon" Hoover
Riviera Bay Civic Association

Hats off to Dave Hoover and the Riviera Bay civic association. Last nights "lighted rocket ship" was truly a sight. A great job by the city in putting on the parade and by the neighborhood for putting themselves on display. Nice glasses, Dave.
Historic Kenwood

Just passing on some good news we received yesterday that the Suncoasters have awarded us the "Best Illuminated"  and "Best Overall"  for our neighborhood association's entry of the "Rocket Ship Car" in the 2012 Festival of States/Grand Prix Illuminated Night parade.


Thank you so much for your voice mail and congratulations on your double win! We are always excited to see what Riviera Bay Civic Association brings the parade and you surely did not disappoint with the illuminated Rocket Ship Car this year!




Check out the video's from some of our customers that have enjoyed our cars, and other props from:                           

"The Euclid Beach Boys"®!!

Rocket Ship Car® State Park Event 08

Thriller Car®

Thriller Car® State Park Event 08

Laughing Sal State Park Event 08

Cleveland Plain Dealer interview July 2009

WKYC Channel 3 News

WEWS Channel 5 news 




Rocket Ship Car gives real back-to-the-future rides in Largo - St. Petersburg Times

The above article has been picked up by the following newspapers:

Chicago Sun Times

Dayton Daily News

Star Tribune: Minneapolis-St.Paul Minnesota

Gadling Travel

Columbus Dispatch

The News Herald-Lake County Ohio

Feedback from Euclid Beach Park® patrons!

Chicago Sun Times reader sent:

I could not believe it.  When I saw the pic of the rocket ship on the front page I immediately told my husband. I know that ride That was at Euclid Beach Park.
I remember riding that. Yes it went around slow but to an eight year old it went awfully fast.  The other ride that really sticks in my mind and I thought
was soooo much fun was the racing horses.  Never forget my grandparents talking about the dances that were there. They lived in Euclid not to far from the lake.
Thanks for the trip back to my childhood.!!!!  Brought back things I have not thought about in a very long time.!


I went to the event on Sun. the 28th, it was great!! I shut my eyes and heard all the noises of the park back then, the happiest times of my life! Euclid Beach will forever be magical!! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Diane

Geauga Lake enthusiasts taking a look back....


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

By Sandra M. Klepach

Some people get tears in their eyes when they see things they remember from Geauga Lake Amusement Park.

For that reason, Euclid Beach Boys Joe Tomaro and John Frato jump at the chance to show their collections in public.

"It's a step back in time," Tomaro said, also referring to the duo's memorabilia from Euclid Beach Park, which closed 40 years ago. "People close their eyes and they hear the music and they can just hear the ride."

Anyone who's not yet experienced such a flashback, but loved Geauga Lake — which operated from 1888 to 2007 in Aurora and Bainbridge Township — is now invited to the first ever Geauga Lake Memorabilia Show and Employee Reunion.

The event, which is not affiliated with Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. or Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom, will be from 7 to 10:30 p.m. March 6 at Roller Hutt Skate & Fun Center, 10268 Hewins Road, Route 88, Garrettsville.

The event will feature a slew of collectors of Geauga Lake memorabilia, and organizer Jason Dlugokecki hopes to create the ambiance of the amusement park where he worked from the summers of 1994 to 1998; tunes and tasty scents that once drifted over the park will fill this festival, too, care of a DJ and a carnival food concession stand.

Fellow employees of Geauga Lake, Six Flags Ohio and Sea World Ohio also might take this opportunity to reconnect, he said.

"I met my wife there, pretty much all of my friends are from there, and you troll the Internet boards and there are Web sites all over still dedicated to the park," he said.

"I consider it my generation's version of Euclid Beach; we thought it would be there forever and all of a sudden it's gone."

One Aurora exhibitor will be looking to sell items he bought during the June 2008 auction of its outbuildings, rides and equipment. Another man will sell paper weights made from wood salvaged from the Big Dipper's disassembly.

But most of the memorabilia that day will be for amusement purposes only, Dlugokecki said. Euclid Beach Boys will bring a log flume boat from the former Log Ride in which visitors will be able to sit and take photographs, and possibly a Musik Express car.

Others will show items from the Turtle Beach children's area, home videos, employee training videos, and footage of the park's auction and tear down on a few large projection screens.

Dlugokecki said his own display will include the head of park mascot Geauga Dog, uniforms from his employment, signs, posters and banners, and pictures of rides being constructed during the off season.

Admission is $5 to cover the facility's operating costs for a nonskating event, but exhibitors and event volunteers get in free.

"People just have fond memories of parks," Tomaro said, "and it's a whole 'nother generation coming up for Geauga Lake."


Comments from the public:

In this section we will publish comments from some of our customers.

-----Original Message-----
From: Annie To: Rocket Ship Car <
Sent: Tue, May 5, 2015 11:25 am
Subject: Re: "Thank you!"

Thanks, Joe.  We had a great time on Saturday!  We lucked out with beautiful weather.  The ride was awesome and totally worth it; I am so glad that it all worked out.  You were so easy to work with...thanks so much!  We will definitely look forward to checking out the event center when it opens.
Thanks again.  I hope you have a great summer as you continue to keep the fun memories alive in Northeast Ohio and beyond...

-----Original Message-----
From: lisa
To: rocketshipcar <
Sent: Mon, Sep 22, 2014 8:26 pm
Subject: Re: "Thank you!"

Hi Joe!

Thanks for this wonderful note and also letting us know you made it home safe and not too poured on, we were all worried!! We ALL sooo enjoyed the whole experience and I think we would all like to do it again some time!  I have heard comments such as best day ever, best day in a year, best day of the whole summer, etc, etc!  We just really really enjoyed it and I think your personality even makes the whole experience better! Thanks so much!  Wishing you wonderful upcoming holidays and safe trips and travels!!! :0))


-----Original Message-----
From: Rocket Ship Car <
To: lisa
Sent: Sun, Sep 21, 2014 10:17 am
Subject: "Thank you!"

Good morning Lisa,  

I wanted to personally thank you, Scott and everyone that was present last night but the weather kind of hurried things up for me at the end.  I just backed the car into the building last night when the skies opened up in Wickliffe for a brief 2 minute downpour!  I did get in a little rain en route but got very lucky just as I got it into the building!  

Anyhow thanks again for last night I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  I had a great time talking with everyone and enjoyed their company immensely!  What a great group of friends you have.  Please be sure to extend my thanks to each one of them and to wish them all a safe and happy upcoming holiday season!  


Joe Tomaro


OH: 440-460-0565

FL: 727-216-3770

"The Happiest Ride on Earth!"


-----Original Message-----
From: Craig
To: 'Rocket Ship Car' <
Sent: Mon, Sep 15, 2014 11:10 am
Subject: RE: "Thank you!"

Thanks so much Joe!  It was great having you be part of the race and I hope you can do it again next year.  I appreciate the feedback on the number of runners too.  I was thinking the courthouse would be nice more for the visibility and ability to get in and out of the area easier.  Maybe next year we’ll just have both at Todd Field.  Thanks so much! 


-----Original Message-----
From: Mary
To: euclidbeachboys <
Sent: Tue, Aug 12, 2014 11:08 pm
Subject: THANK YOU!!

We had a blast and your driver was awesome!!!


-----Original Message-----
From: Dolores 
To: euclidbeachboys <
Sent: Tue, Aug 5, 2014 4:27 pm
Subject: Re: "Thank you"

Thanks so much, Joe!!  We had a blast!  It's fun for adults to act like kids 
every now and then :)

Thanks for making that happen! 

Kind Regards,


-----Original Message-----
From: Diane
To: Rocket Ship Car <
Sent: Tue, Aug 5, 2014 2:18 pm
Subject: RE: "Thank you"

Thank you so much – your thriller car made the party AWESOME!  Everyone from the 3 year olds on up, loved it!  

Will def give recommendations to friends and family and will likely rent again J   Enjoy the rest of your summer as well!


-----Original Message-----
From: Lisa B
To: rocketshipcar <
Sent: Sat, Jul 26, 2014 2:21 pm
Subject: THANK YOU!!!!


Thank you so very much for such an incredible day! The trip exceeded my already high expectations for an wonderful time. CP's Cooler was great. The ice cream & shakes were delicious and the staff was delightful. The rocket ship car was the best. It was fun feeling like a celebrity with everyone smiling and waving at us! You are an absolute pleasure. Hope to ride again someday!!!

Sincerely,   Lisa B


-----Original Message-----
From: Linda
To: Rocket Ship Car <
Sent: Mon, Jul 7, 2014 8:50 am
Subject: Re: "Thank you too!"

Thank you, Joe for a GREAT afternoon of rides!  Everyone at the party loved
the Rocket Ship; Bryan's friends said that his party was the best Grad
party yet!   I passed out all of the brochures about your new banquet
center and I wish you much like with that endeavor.

Would LOVE to be involved if you decide to move ahead with a "Kiddie Park"
on the east side one day - I know it would be a popular destination for
families of young children - just like Memphis Kiddie Park!  That may be
something you and your grandson could do together.

Wishing the Euclid Beach Boys many blessings and safe travels!  -Linda Daly


-----Original Message-----
From: Stacey
To: Rocket Ship Car <
Sent: Sat, Jul 5, 2014 10:34 am
Subject: Re: "Thank You!"


Thank you again so much again for the last minute booking!  The Rocket Ship Car was the life of the party!  We will definitely be in touch for next years 3rd of July party!

Have a wonderful summer!




From: Victoria
To: euclidbeachboys <
Sent: Mon, Sep 23, 2013 11:24 am
Subject: RE: Thanks!


Thanks again for everything, Joe. You are a class act! We had so much fun and everything went perfectly. We are still on a high from all the laughter J 

Take care, hope to run into you again soon some day!


From: CM
To: rocketshipcar <rocketshipcar@aol.com>
Sent: Sun, Sep 22, 2013 11:20 am
Subject: Re: "Thank You"


Thank you Joe.  It was terrific as I knew it would be. The only thing missing was you. But John was a great stand in!  Folks liked him.


From: Mary Kay
To: euclidbeachboys <
Sent: Mon, Aug 19, 2013 12:16 pm
Subject: Re: "Thanks!"

Thank u!! Kids n grown ups had a blast!

Sent from my iPhone


Thank you so much. The girls had a great time - they couldn't stop talking about it. That had so much fun!

~K A

From: Jennifer
To: '
euclidbeachboys@aol.com' <euclidbeachboys@aol.com>
Sent: Mon, Jul 29, 2013 2:53 pm
Subject: RE: "Thank you!"

Thank you all as well.  Hope to book again next summer.  It is always a highlight of the party!  Appreciate your flexibility given the weather.


Sent: Mon, Jul 29, 2013 9:53 pm
Subject: Re: "Thank You!"

Hi Holley!

You are all more than welcome!  Be sure to track me down at the event on the 29th of September.  It will be one of the few times I won't be driving the Rocket Ship!  See everyone there for a great trip down memory lane!


The Euclid Beach Boys

"Preserving Cleveland's Amusement History One Piece at a Time"


-----Original Message-----
From: holley
To: euclidbeachboys <
Sent: Mon, Jul 29, 2013 3:42 pm
Subject: RE: "Thank You!"

Thanks to you Joe!!   Everyone had a blast, and the kids are still talking about it, calling it the "best birthday ever!"   And thanks for the information on the event on 9/29, my mom is really looking forward to that!
Take care,
Holley and Scott

Hi Joe,

We won first place in the float contest this year!!!

It is always a pleasure to have you as a part of our celebration.


July 4, 2013


Sent: Fri, Jul 5, 2013 5:39 pm
Subject: Re: Fireworks Ride


Just wanted to let you know that we had a WONDERFUL time last night and have received many thank you's from friends and family.  So glad your rocket ship has become part of our July 4th tradition.  Good luck throughout the rest of the summer and we will see you next year.

Bill & Marianne


Friday June 21, 2013


On behalf of our family I want to say "Thank You" for helping to make our family reunion a success. Everyone truly enjoyed it!

Thank You,



Good morning Linda, 

Thanks for the great email!  I still have some copies left, and will happily hold one for you.  I will be back in town over Thanksgiving (if that works for you), and will be sure to contact you at that time. 

Thanks for contacting us and have an amusing day!  


Joe Tomaro                                                                                                                                                 The Euclid Beach Boys

"The Happiest Rides on Earth"

440-460-0565 Ohio

727-216-3770 Florida

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Subject: Want to buy copy of "Images of America Euclid Beach Park" book


Dear Euclid Beach Boys,

Had a great time at 2012 Euclid Beach event!
Bought a copy of the book, and you signed it at your T-Shirt booth. 
I Love it and want a copy for my Brother for Christmas. 
We have great Family memories of the park. 
My Brother and his little friend walked from Goller Ave in Euclid when they were under 9 yrs. old! 
He also scavenged for tickets people would discard on their way out of the park, and we'd have some free rides!
Our Gramma would take the bus that stopped at the park.  She loved  watching people dance at the old dance hall.
Hope you have a copy left for me!

Thank you for a wonderful day at the park!
Your Fan,



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Subject: Re: "Thank You!"


Hi Joe & John:

Thank YOU for a wonderful hour of fun with our friends and family last
Saturday with the Thriller car.  John was patient as we loaded the elders
and the handicapped in and out - and they were THRILLED to have the chance
to ride!

We are already discussing ideas for our next rental!  We love the cars and
everything related to Euclid Beach - such happy memories for everyone.

Hope to see you at the annual Euclid Beach festival in September.  -Linda



September 25, 2012


Thank you soooooooo much for yesterday! The kids had an absolute blast (see attached picture!) It's just so cool to be able to share with my kids something that I enjoyed doing so much when I was a kid! So thank you again, and please give Joe another hug from me, you guys are both awesome! 

See you soon! 



September, 25, 2012

Hi Joe -

I want to thank YOU for the tour last Friday morning. We really enjoyed it. What an incredible collection. 

Heard you guys on Lanigan & Malone on Monday. Sounded great - hope it gives you a bump in attendance on Sunday. We've seen all the other Euclid Beach books, so we're looking forward to the new one from Arcadia. 

Thanks for everything you guys do to keep Euclid Beach alive. What the Humphrey family did was really special and the park was so very special to so many people.

We'll be there Sunday - keeping fingers crossed for good weather! 

- Sue

September 26, 2012

Hi Sue, 

Great, I hope to see you guys on Sunday! 


October 1, 2012

Hi Joe & Kathy,

Sorry  did  not get to say Thank You before you left on Friday, I was all over this site pulling things together.  Thank you again, as I have heard such great things and we now have a lot of outside people working here from other countries, who have never experienced Euclid Beach Park, or have never went on a Rocket Ship Car ride… Really great to hear their experience after they come off that car ride. 

See you again next year.  Have a safe and wonderful holiday season. 


July 3, 2012

Hi Joe

We just wanted to say "thank you" so very much!!! The rocket ship car was the greatest thing we could have ever planned. Without a doubt we will totally call you for next year!! Thanks again, and for sharing your stories! You made everyone's day!! I think for sure you will see a bunch of us on September 30! Thanks again Joe!


Brad and Jessica


Good morning D,

Thanks for the email.....That is the main reason we do what we do.  It was such a great park to so many people, and our hope is to get the doors open on our collection so that everyone can enjoy a bit of the past.  





Thank you!! Everyone is still talking about how young you made them feel riding on the rocket ship from Euclid Beach. It was really a great time.


Have a great year,



October, 2, 2011

Hi, Joe --

What a thrill!!  We all had a wonderful time riding in the Rocket Ship Car & are still talking about it -- thank you!!  My computer has not been able to access Internet off & on for days and months, so I never got your email until late yesterday!  Computer is fixed, now.  I surely would have emailed you when I received your email, but wasn't able to -- sorry!   AT & T finally fixed the problem, but it has been a real difficulty for almost 3 months!!  They apologized, but it's been a real difficulty for too long -- they assured me it's really fixed, now.  Sorry to go on so long. Our pictures turned out beautifully and we all have great memories which we'll have for a lifetime -- thanks again, and thank you for your  nice note we received in the mail!   Again, I'm so sorry I didn't receive and return your email -- I'm very good and responsible about responding quickly to emails, but couldn't, as you now know.  I know we'll be calling you again sometime for another ride -- until then, thanks again. 

Sincerely, Gay W. G.

Good morning Gay, 

Modern technology is great until it doesn't work!  Don't worry about the email, I'm glad the rain didn't spoil the ride!  Thanks again, and have a safe and happy holiday season. 


Dear John,

October 1, 2011


On behalf of Weber’s Premium Custard & Ice Cream, Celestial Treats Lemonade, Buckeye Concessions and ZogDogs, I’d like to thank you, Joe Tomaro, Carol Ward and all ODNR/CLSP personnel, plus the Euclid Beach Park Now Committee once again for inviting us to participate in the above subject event. We enjoyed the day very much and appreciate all of the help and cooperation we received from you and everyone associated with the event.


We found the setting, lay-out, exhibits, walking tours, car rides, car show, memorabilia and overall theme/program to be very unique and interesting. Also, all of the activities and displays were very well organized and presented. Overall, the event was very well done and I think everyone enjoyed themselves and our products. We think the event would have been better attended If the weather would have been a little bit warmer and less rain threatening. Also, competing events such as the Browns and Indians games and Saint Jerome’s Clambake probably affected the turnout. All in all, it was a great day and enjoyable event. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!


Hopefully you thought our new Food Vendors were a good addition to the event and you will invite us to return again next year. We would be delighted to return (along with Weber’s of course) and help you make next year’s event an even greater success. We’ll need to discuss what foods worked best this year and how we can adjust our menus and logistics/personnel to help improve upon any realized customer service issues. First time involvement in any event always produces areas that can be improved upon and tweaked to make them better. We are willing to make these adjustments so the event can run more smoothly next year. 

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable fall season!  

We’ll see you again next year….on the circuit and at the 2012 Euclid Beach Park extravaganza. 

Best regards, 


The Polonye Group

(For Weber’s Premium Custard & Ice Cream, where” FRESH IS BEST”, Celestial Treats Lemonade, where “YOU CAN TASTE THE DIFFERENCE”, Buckeye Concessions and ZogDogs-“SIMPLY THE BEST”)

Hi John,

It  was our pleasure to have you at this years event.  The products you represent, and your professionalism are an added plus, and we are looking forward to next year and are pleased to have you on board. 

John & Joe "The Euclid Beach Boys"®


Sept 4, 2011


Thank you so much.  It was very nice to meet you too, and I thank you for making such  a great memory for my family.  I told everyone at work about the adventure J  It’s so cool what the Rocket Ship has become, and what it represents to so many people.  The kids can’t stop talking about it.  They are going to want to go on rocket ships all the time!!

p.s. My dad found his camera.

Thank you,


Good morning Rich, 

Thanks for the email.  It was a pleasure to meet you, your family and friends. Thanks for thinking of our Rocket Ship Car, and have a great summer! 


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Subject: Thank you for the great time Saturday evening...

Hi Joe, 

Saw you on Fox 8 this morning...Pretty cool.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say "Thank you" for the great time on Saturday night. Everything loved the   Rocket Ship Car. 

Thanks again and take care.......... 


Hi Marianne, 

It is always a pleasure to see you and Bill, and I have you down for July 4, 2012. Same time, same place.  Have a great summer! 



Hi Joe - 

Sorry I didn't pick up my emails until just now.  Obviously you found us and we had great time AS ALWAYS. See you next 4th!!! 

Sincerely -



Hi Joe,
Here are the pictures we took last night at Wiegand's Lake Park with Sal. Thank you so much for letting us get the pictures before you "glassed" her in for the night.

Jim, "Sa" & Sandyl


Sun, Jun 12, 2011 10:04 pm

Subject: Re: June 11th

Thanks soooo very much for fitting us in on Saturday's schedule (June 11th) for The Thriller ride!  My husband's great aunt and all of her friends LOVED the ride!  We enjoyed having your wife as   a driver too...she is very nice!

We will keep you in mind for future parties. :)

Thank you,



Hi Amy, 

I got the complete rundown from my wife about your husbands great aunt with her arms up in the  air while riding in our "Thriller Car", just like she did when she rode the coasters years ago!  It was our pleasure to fit you in.  I wish I could have had the pleasure of meeting her, but I had one last event to do on Saturday evening with the Rocket Ship Car, so my wife filled in for me.  Thanks for contacting me, and as I like to say..."Have an amusing day"! 



May 15, 2011

I can't tell you how much your braving the elements meant to your rocket ship car riders at the Vermilion prom. I only wish the weather had cooperated so you could have seen what an amazing event that can be.

The rocket ship car was a fabulous way to arrive in style. Thank you for helping us to give our daughter and her friends this wonderful gift.

Rain or shine, the Rocket Ship Car rocks!Thr Rocket Ship Car "ROCKS" @ the 2001 Vermilion Prom.
S. K. J.

Thanks so much for the kind words.  It was my pleasure to meet everyone, and to have the car as part of your daughters special evening. I have a saying when it comes to rain...."Once you get wet, you can't get any wetter"!  Have a great summer!



March 21, 2011


Thank you so much for being a part of the Smokin’ Blues Chili Cook-off.  You and your Rocket Ship Car were a hit!  You added great, fun entertainment.   If we ever have another chili cook-off, you will be my first call. 

I’d also like to thank you for your very generous donation to the Tannehill Children’s Education Fund.   You are a class act. 

Thank you again,




I booked the Rocket Ship car back in January and my 80+ year old friends are
still talking about it.  I would like to have about 10 postcards so I could
leave in our beach rental next to Angelo's pizzeria.  Could you mail me a
few.--  I think it is a fun thing for tourists to do. 

Clearwater, Fl.

Good morning Peggy, 

Thanks for the email, and I'm glad to hear everyone enjoyed their ride on the Rocket Ship Car.  I will get those in the mail to you today.  Have a great day here in sunny Florida! 



Dec. 28, 2010

Hi Joe,

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. I know we did.

The Rocket ship Car was such a huge success. The staff and the doctors loved it. Plus the neighborhood seemed to like watching the car more than the lights. It was fun being a rock star for an hour. Thank you for all of your help in making the Christmas party a success. We will definitely keep you in mind in the future. I will also    let people know about your business.

Also thank you for the totally cool key ring. I love it! 

Thank you, 



Hi Joe,

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed the rocket ship car last Friday night.  My friend Cherie was and still is in total shock.   We all had a blast!!!

You run a 1st class organization and oh my do you have the patience to put up  with 10 partying women!!!  LOL!

Thanks again,



Gary Thomas was kind enough to send us this picture of our Rocket Ship Car® while I was passing through Squire's Castle in the North Chagrin Metro Parks.  View other great photo's from Gary and his comment about Euclid Beach Park®  on this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26992926@N08/


Joe -
Sorry I did not make it down to see you last night.  I only had one volunteer show up and I had to be at the patio party  run the drawing for prizes.
I heard you were as popular as ever and even had a few people leave the patio party to catch a ride before you left.
It's just not a festival without the Rocket Ship Car!  I could not do our summer events without you providing this kind of fun.
Enjoy the rest of the summer and safe travels to Florida.

Kelley  8/20/10


Hey Joe,

I just wanted to thank you for squeezing me in today. I know that you guys  were super busy. To say that everyone had a good time was an understatement. From 2-75 everyone went crazy about getting to ride in "the car from the parades" as the kids called it. John was also friendly and professional he made the experience that much better. I hope we  can do this again next year. You made Anthony's party a hit.

Thanks a million, Robert




 Hi Joe!!! 

We really cannot thank you enough for going the extra mile and being so patient when everyone was running around changing clothes, holding you up- changing the drop off point etc. you were flexible and friendly and we appreciated your friendly service.  We will highly recommend your services over and over again!   I still have 3 more kiddos that still are not married! Your thank you note was also extra special and it touched our hearts.

All the best and thanks again! 


P.S. Have an “ Amusing day too J!!!!



Good morning, this message is intended for Joe....Renee booked the Rocket Ship Car on July 08,2010 for my event

Joe  thank you sooo much!!  The Rocket Ship Car made my bachelorette party a blast. We had such a great time and you were wonderful.  From the  ride to the music and lights it was just such an unforgettable event for all. thanks again:)




Hi Joe,

Thank you for the terrific ride and keeping the spirit of Euclid Beach alive!  Everyone loved it!  I will look forward to my next ride!  Maybe even in Florida as my mother's house is in Holiday a bit north of Clearwater near Tarpon Springs!  

Thank you again! :-)

Cherrie, 6/7/2010



This letter was sent to me recently: Feb. 27, 2010, and by the way Tom, we do have some major surprises  for the coming years.  Watch our website for future news!


Dear Euclid Beach Boys,

I had a few minutes to kill while waiting for a file to load at work, and ended up spending over a hour going down memory lane with your web site.  What a thrill it was to remember some of my earliest memories as a child going to Euclid Beach Park, spending the day at the beach, riding all the great rides and at the end of the day, stopping at  the Humphrey booth for some popcorn balls and candy kisses.  

I remember going to other places like Geauga Lake Park, Kiddieland, the Cleveland Zoo, the Clifton Club, all places of my childhood that no longer exist except in the shared memories with my siblings and old photographs.

Thanks for the smile on my face.

HN 12/18/2009

P.S. I had forgotten about laughing Sal, but one look at her and the sounds that came out of that woman came flooding right back :)



You just totally make my party every year!!! OMG! I have everyone calling me the next day and telling me how awesome that Rocket Ship car is!!! I had someone who was interested in having it themselves so hopefully you will    get some calls…….hopefully you had your cards with you and you gave some out.  I cant thank   you enough …so go ahead and put me down for next year for the 1st sat. in Aug. and I think that   falls on Sat. Aug. 7…….thank  you, thank you , thank you!!!!

Kathy 8/3/2009

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your website.  I have a ton of great memories of going to Euclid Beach when I was a child!  I have known for a long time that Laughing Sal was still around, but have always wondered whatever happened to her "old man".  Are there any still existing?  And what was HIS name?  I've wracked my brain trying to remember, but I cannot.....can you help?   

Oh (and I'm sure you hear this frequently)....Laughing Sal STILL creeps me out!  LOL Thanks again for preserving Euclid Beach!



Good morning Debi, 

Thanks for the great review of my website!  "Sal's" mate was known as Laughing Sam.  He was removed from the park in the late 50's to a private owner, who sold him to a traveling carnival.  I heard Sam was destroyed by a heavy rain storm while being transported back to the carnival site.  The rain and hail took out the paper mache' that he was made of. 

Be sure and try to attend the stat park event in September.  You will really enjoy it! 

Have a great day! 


Good morning Joe! 

Thank you so much for your reply to my email.  Now I can finally quiet my brain re Sal's mate's name.....Sam!  That was driving me crazy, trying to remember.  Sorry to hear about his demise!  What a shame.  I hadn't remembered that he left Euclid Beach.  I was around 10 years old in the late 50's, and only remember BOTH of them outside the "fun house" at the Beach (I think it was called The Surprise House, wasn't it?)  All I remember from those great days was being really afraid of Laughing Sal, and not so scared of Sam.  But not scared enough to stay away from the attraction---that one and "Laugh in the Dark" were my favorites.   

Thanks for the memories, and I will try to be there in September!   


Debi 8/3/2009

Joe & John:

Thanks again for an incredibly memorable evening.  Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed both the presentation and the rides.

I really appreciate your help in making last night a party to remember!


JOE,                                                                                                                                                         WHAT A GREAT WEB PAGE, IT SURE BROUGHT BACK SO MANY MEMORIES. I LIVED IN COLLINWOOD FOR MANY YEARS AND CAN REMEMBER MY FOLKS TAKING ME TO EUCLID   BEACH, AND THEN OF COURSE THE TEEN AGE YEARS.



  RAY 8/2/2009


Good morning Ray, 

Thanks for the great review of my website!  FYI we have 1 of the kiddie rocket ships, 8 kiddie rodeo ponies, and  some of the large building block letters that were used throughout the colonnade.  

I hope you can make the State Park event in September.....you will really enjoy it! 



Dear Joe, 

Thank you so much for bringing the Rocket Ship out to our resident Luau.  Some of the residents had tears in their eyes when they saw it but were not mobile enough to ride in it.  Even though it rained, no one let it dampen the party. Hope we can use your services again. 


Arlene 7/22/2009

Hi Arlene, 

What you just told me is the main reason we do it!  Just the sincere appreciation that we receive from numerous people makes us work that much harder towards our ultimate goal of getting our collection, and the cars out there for everyone to enjoy.   

Thanks for the encouraging email.  

"Have an amusing day"!


Hi, I came upon your site while trying to locate a poster of the park.  I was a resident of Collinwood and my dad used to take my brother and I to the park often, his company had their picnics there,  The only memorabilia I  have is a photo of my brother and myself in front of the entrance when we were probably 5 and 6 and a charm   that a boy in high school gave me and I cherish both along with all those wonderful memories.  Of course I loved the Thriller but I think my favorite were the rocket ships.  Congratulations on all of your treasures, I am seriously envious!

Diana 7/16/09

Thanks again for the good time, Joe. Everyone really enjoyed the rides.


Dear Joe,  

I want to sincerely thank you for providing the "Rocket Ship Car"® for my wife's birthday celebration. She has been talking about getting a ride in the car for the past year and needless to say she was totally surprised when you arrived and thoroughly enjoyed the ride especially the music.  She was still talking about it this morning. She brought the post card  you gave her to show her colleagues at Beaumont.  I kept kidding her that it was the first time she has acknowledged that she was turning 60.  We also had many positive comments from the other guests who said   they had a ball taking the ride.  Many thought that the car would just be there to look at and had no idea that they could actually go for a ride. 

Again many thanks especially for taking the time on a holiday.  

In closing, as you say "Have An Amusing Day" 

Bob                                                                                     5/25/2009



     Thank you so much for being with us in the parade! Your Rocket Ship was a hit!  We had a blast!!!!!  As soon as I find out the dates for next year I will contact you!  If you could mail me some of your cards   I will put them on our counter for our patients.  I have been asked for them.
Thank you!

I went to the event on Sun. the 28th, it was great!! I shut my eyes and heard all the noises   of the park back then, the happiest times of my life! Euclid Beach will forever be magical!! 

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Diane


Hi Joe! 

I just wanted to thank you again for the Rocket Ship last night for my mother's 60th birthday. She had an absolute blast, as we all did!  What a great night for it and it's a memory we won't easily forget.  Thank you again and we'll make sure to refer your services on to our friends and family. 



Dear Joe,
Thanks so much for providing such a great time for the Willoughby  Workshop adults with disabilities! As you know, they  all really enjoyed the Thriller Car rides!  Thanks for your patience and thoughtfulness in ensuring  that everyone who wanted to ride had that opportunity. You are   a true asset to our community. Thanks again from all of us at the Lake County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities!

Sincerely,   Ken and the Willoughby Workshop staff

Joe, I got your card today.

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity.The event wouldn’t have been the same without the Rocket and the Thriller! J

Take care,

Jenee                     It was a great honor for us to have our Rocket Ship Car and Thriller Car to be the first vehicles to pass through the re-dedicated "Arch".                                                         

Dear Joe,

I can't thank you enough for bringing back such fond memories for all of us. Your professional and caring ways made our first experience so much fun. I have already given your web site to many of the staff and customers at the restaurant, ladies who took the trip, and friends. You have a wonderful treasure, and  we thank you for sharing it with our community.  Keep up the wonderful work.  Evey, and friends surprise Deb for her 50th birthday!


Joe - 

Our thanks for bringing the Thriller Car to Cedar Lee and sharing some of the nostalgia from Euclid Beach Park with us.  Everyone enjoyed the ride and it is perfect for families with small children!    As I mentioned, it is challenging to have a street festival when the city will not block off the major traffic route.  Thanks for being a considerate, patient and safe driver.  Much success with your endeavors. 




Hi Joe, I wanted to send you a few photos of your trip to Amherst from our Old Time
Jamboree. The Rocket Ship Car was unquestionably the hit of the Jamboree.
Looking forward to seeing you again next year. 2007 Amhurst "Old Fashion Jamboree"


PS: Thanks for sending my granddaughter's sunglasses back.


Thank you so much for making our party a hit!  The Thriller was thrilling! I
had my heart set on the Rocket Ship so I was so surprised by how much fun the
Thriller was! Frank treated the kids and everyone to wonderful rides!!!! The
money spent was worth every penny for the lifetime memories it brought back
and created!!! I'm sure you will be getting future bookings from the party!


Hello Joe,

Thank you for coming to our party on Saturday night.  Your ride was the main event and was loved by all.  I have received several calls from our guests all commenting on how much fun   they had on your ride.  Many saying they have  not laughed that hard in months.  Thank you for making it a party to remember. 



Thanks for a great night. Everyone loved it... We will see you at the Cindy's on Sept. 1st. 



I received a very nice "Thank You" card from Sue who had come out to the Cuyahoga County Fair, and just recently attended the Stat Park event at Euclid Beach State Park.  She doesn't have the ability to send emails   but did take the time to send us a card that shares her thoughts about Euclid Beach Park.  Here is what she wrote:

Dear Joe and John,

Just wanted to say "Thank You" for giving me and others the fun of going back to one of our favorite childhood places where we were able to enjoy the roller coasters, Thriller, Racing Coaster, Merry-Go- Round, the Great American Racing Derby, Flying Turns, the Bug, Over the Falls, Laughing Sal, the  Surprise House, a walk on the pier, salt water taffy, Humphrey popcorn balls, the Frozen Whip, the    Rocket Ship Car in the air and on wheels  for a ride around the park.  It sure did bring back many   memories!  Come early and stay late for many hours of  fun until the park closed in 1969. The Arch will always be the landmark and a reminder of where the park is, and I will never forget.  It will always stay in  my thoughts and dreams.

Again "Thank You"!  Your friend and Euclid Beach new member.


Dear Joe,

You guys made the "Salute"!  I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for your very active involvement at our 16th Annual Salute to Orange Village on September 2, 2007.  The success of this event was  made possible by the "dedicated efforts" of so many willing participants.  Your support in our  celebration demonstrates your caring spirit and represents an investment in the future of our village. 

I hope to see you again next year.

Sincerely, Valerie 


First and foremost, I would like to commend you on your presentation at the Cuyahoga Fair this past summer.  I visited your display after work (5 am to 3 PM) and was  impressed by your collection and by the ever present circulating number of people that  were attracted to it. You were both busy with people for the whole time I was there, so I didn't have the opportunity to ask any questions.  I took numerous pictures and took  several trips down memory lane as I saw memorabilia that I hadn't seen since my childhood. One of the most vivid memories from my childhood was when I was finally big enough to reach the gas pedal and drive by myself on the turnpike car exactly like the one you have.  Two days ago my family was at Cedar Point and my 9 year old son drove the same course in the newer cars and I stood there watching, lost in time as the generations mixed together.  

We seem to have a common interest and kindred spirit.  I collect much smaller memorabilia.  My budget won't allow for rocket cars, but I am happy with collecting park maps, ceramics, glassware, coins and other small memories of the past that in some cases don't exist anymore and in other cases are still going strong and have a wonderful variety of historical items. 

Ironically, on the same Saturday that the news broke about Geauga Lake closing I  saw your rocket car go by the Eat'n Park that I work at on Snow Road.  I was so bummed out and melancholy about the closing until I saw the rocket ship car and I said to myself,   "That is a sign, that is good karma. You are not alone."  Your simple act of driving by my workplace cheered me up enough to get through the rest of the day and I thank you for that.  

I am still stewing at Cedar Fair for pulling out of this market.  If they really wanted it to succeed, they would have invested more in the ride side than a paint job the first year.  They had a plan in place from the beginning, I believe and it just took time to work   through it.  I was hired by Six Flags the year of the sale to work at the hotel although I really wanted to work in the park and be where the action was.  Then Cedar Fair bought the park and everything changed.  Working at the hotel, I got to meet most of the management including Bill Spehn and Dave (?) the head of security for the park.  Dave  and I became friends. CF reduced my pay by $3.75/hour and  took away my management position.  Yet I stayed for a while to see what would happen.  Of course what happened was the removal of the animals from the Sea World side and that was a very surreal day.  I went to lunch at the KFC across the street from the park and the slow parade of trucks bearing passed by and you could hear the sea lions barking sadly as they left their home of many years.  

I wonder about the future of some of the more historic items from the park.  The Illions carousel needs to be preserved.  I rode it this summer and was thinking that it really  needed cleaned up and restored. I work part time at Fun'n Stuff, a family owned amusement park in Macedonia and I keep telling the GM to look into auctions for the smaller kiddy rides to add to their park.  I would rather see these rides be used than sold for scrap.  And more recently, CF has announced that they will close a park in San Francisco to make room for the 49'ers new stadium.  Deja vu?

Bill was in the Halloween Parade on Sunday, so he really is back at the Point.  The Euclid Beach Band sang "There's no surf in Cleveland" and I have the vinyl to prove it.  But there's certainly a lot of pride and respect for the past and I appreciate you guys for your leadership in this cause.  If I won the Mega tomorrow, I would build a place for birthday celebrations that would embrace the fun of the amusement park with a museum of the   past that would be affordable to all and memorable to many.  But that's just a dream, but it's a good dream, much like the description by James  Earl Jones  in Field of Dreams where the memories of the past are so thick you    have to brush them away. 

I apologize for being so long winded, but I thank you for letting me vent on certain subjects.  Good luck with your future endeavors and please help keep the memories alive! 





One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is "Does your Rocket Car have a rocket engine in it"?  First of all our car is named after the ride that operated at Euclid Beach Park® from the mid 1930's until it closed in 1969.   This is what the "Rocket Ships" ride looked like after the park closed in 1969.  This picture was taken in April, 1970. The ride was called the "Rocket Ships".  Our car is powered by a bored and stroked big block Chevrolet gas engine.  The cubic inch is 502, and is producing around 500 horsepower.  Because of the weight of the car a large cubic inch engine is needed to create enough torque to adequately move the Rocket Ship Car® down the highway.  The car runs on regular pump gas, usually 87 octane, (not rocket fuel) without a problem.  So technically our car is really not a rocket car, but it is a car that looks like a Rocket Ship!



Contact us:

"The Euclid Beach Boys"

533 Bishop Rd.

Highland Hts., Ohio 44143



440-460-0565 (Ohio)

727-216-3770 (Florida)

Email: rocketshipcar@aol.com


Rules of our "Rides"

1. Riders must remain seated, and seat belts must be worn snugly across the lap. NO STANDING IS ALLOWED

2. No alcohol consumed by anyone under the age of 21, and a violation WILL result in early termination of ride for that person, and NO REFUNDS will be issued.

3. Clean up fee of $200.00, for alcohol related incidents, in or on the cars, no exceptions.

4. A clean up fee of $100.00 will be charged for excessive material left in, or on the vehicle.

5. In the event that any persons in the group (including the reserving party) becomes disruptive, or refuses to follow the operator’s instructions, they will be dropped off solely at the operators discretion, and at the rider’s expense.  No refunds, or exceptions.

6. Tolls and parking fees are not included and will be charged accordingly.

7. We are not responsible for items left in our cars.

8. Illegal Drug use will not be tolerated.  Any infractions will result in the immediate end of the ride/event, with NO REFUNDS, and NO EXCEPTIONS.

9. Additional charges will be billed in 1/4 hour increments. Be sure to reserve sufficient time for your event in order to avoid any additional charges.

10. Customer’s may provide and will be responsible for the following items; CD’s, DVD’s, and must not be offensive, or abusive to the general public.

11. If inclement weather threatens it is up to the operator’s discretion to continue the ride. Refunds will be prorated depending on each situation.

12. L.E.A.R. Promotions, Inc. does make every effort to make sure that all equipment on the vehicle is in working order at the beginning of each ride, however we cannot guarantee that every TV screen, lighting feature, or radio will operate during time the vehicle is rented for the event.

L.E.A.R. Promotions Inc. and it's associates are not responsible for injury due to negligence of its riders. All riders are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly, and responsible manner at all times. Our vehicles are insured as limousines, open containers of alcohol are allowed, although if the operator deems the conduct to be disruptive, negligent, and/or threatens the safety of others around them, that person will be removed from the ride at the their expense.

Please ride respectively for everyone's safety & enjoyment!

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